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From: richard n young <>
Subject: Chemtrails Bulletin #3

CHEMTRAILS OVER AMERICA Issue #3 April 22, 1999

Dear Friends and concerned sky-watchers,

It is time to act. Time to take our demands for answers and
accountability to the elected officials we employ to represent
our interests.

Health Freedom fighter John Hammell has used mass-emailings
and faxing to successfully defend our rights to purchase
vitamin and herbal supplements at reasonable costs and
effective dosages against the efforts of powerful
pharmaceutical corporations closely allied with the FDA and
Canada's misnamed Health Protection Branch.

Late last month, after receiving over 250,000 letters, e-mail
messages, the FDIC backed away from passing Draconian banking
disclosure regulations that would have subjected all bank
customers to invasive "profiles" of our activities unrelated
to our accounts. The success of this cyber-campaign has been
noted in articles in Wired, World Net Daily, and the New York
Times. (

Our campaign to spur a Congressional investigation into the
spraying over American towns and cities can be just as

1. Please write a short letter detailing your concerns, and
calling for an end to the spraying and an official
investigation into the chemtrails.

2. Have family members, neighbors and friends do the same.

3. Fax or email your letter to your Senator(s) and
Representative(s). cc a copy to me at

To get the names and correct email addresses of your reps,
call the Free Congressional switchboard at

Feel free to quote any of the information presented in my info
kit below, and direct official inquiries to me at:

Please DO NOT SPAM dozens of congress people. This will damage
our campaign.

3. Take your letter and re-address it to your municipal and state
officials. We are more likely to get a response from local
authorities - and their pressure on the federal agencies (FAA,
EPA) can be very effective in prompting action.

4. Check my website for a petition to sign, to be posted soon.

This Chemtrails Information kit has been prepared for legislators and
media representatives interested in the latest documented findings.
Please contact me for further details. I am an award-winning
independent Canadian journalist with 30 years' investigative
experience. -William Thomas

---------- William Thomas Author, Independent Journalist

April 22, 1999 1 of 7 pages

To whom it may concern:

Good day. As an award-winning investigative journalist with 30
years' professional experience, I am currently reporting
large-scale aerial spraying of pathogens across North America
by unmarked tanker-type refueling aircraft. While researching
this story for the past 14 weeks, I have produced five
articles detailing my findings for the Environment News
Service - a US-based environmental wire service with editorial
standards and a "reach" similar to the Associated Press.

As an expert on "open air" testing of biowarfare simulants
(see my book, SCORCHED EARTH); and the biowar that took place
in the Gulf (see my book BRINGING THE WAR HOME) - I am now
seeing disturbing similarities between epidemics across the
USA and Gulf War Illness.

Weather modification experiments also appear to be involved in
concerted aerial "spraying" that has been or is now taking
place over 48 states. The activities now being observed over
American towns and cities fit the Pentagon's own published
experiments in "Aerial Obscuration" and Owning The Weather
using tanker-type spray aircraft to lay down "cloud screens"
to obscure clear skies and alter weather systems.

To date, I have obtained more than 500 interviews and detailed
written reports from every corner of the USA describing an
aerial phenomenon underway for the past several years - with a
"quickening" in activity over the past four months.

Military personnel, police officers, pilots, flight attendants
and defense specialists - as well as hundreds of everyday
Americans quite used to seeing aircraft contrails and normal
flight operations near airports or over long-established air
routes - independently confirm the presence of multiple "lines
in the sky" being purposefully laid by large jet tankers over
US cities and rural areas. White or silver in color, these
KC-135 aircraft are without identifying markings.

Witnesses describe as many as 20, 30 or more "contrails" woven
over hours into lattice-like grid patterns. "Tic-tac-toe in
the sky" or "furrowing a farm field" are expressions commonly
used to describe these multiple-aircraft maneuvers, in which
white contrail-like emissions linger for hours, gradually
spreading into a hazy overcast that completely obscures clear
blue skies.

Characteristic "X"s in the sky are also often formed to "mark
the spot" for satellite tracking.

In a recent interview, the Western Regional head of the FAA,
Charles Lieber, informed me that all flight activities and
contrails over the United States are "normal" at this time.

Normal contrails form when ice-crystals are disturbed by the
passage of an airplane at high (cold) altitudes. Streaming
from engines and wingtips, pencil-thin contrails almost always
disappear within 45 seconds, fading quickly like the wake
behind a boat. Four years ago I wrote one of the first
articles (published in Eco Decision magazine) describing how
atmosphere-altering contrails in high-traffic routes such as
the Atlantic corridor between the USA and Europe can
occasionally persist for hours, forming cirrus-type clouds
that drift over a large area.

Yet, photographs and videotapes deluging my office clearly
show unmarked, all-white KC-135 tanker aircraft laying thick
billowing 'trails over American communities at altitudes below
9,000 feet - where short-lived, ice-crystal "con"densation
trails cannot form.

In fact, the possibility that normal contrails are being laid
down by the KC-135 tankers has been shot down by Major General
Gregory Barlow of the Office the Adjutant General, Camp
Murray. Barlow writes that "Our KC-135 jet aircraft operate at
altitude below 33,000 feet which is typically the altitude
where jet contrails form."

The "chemtrails" I and so many others are personally
observing, always linger for hours, forming an overcast from
which veils of wispy fallout are often observed. Commercial
jetliners have repeatedly been observed trailing no contrails
alongside the billowing plumes emitted by tanker-type aircraft
at the same or higher altitude.

Large jets layering these deliberate "chemtrails" have also
been observed switching their emissions off as they approach
mountains or other geographically delineating features, only
to turn their spray back on after making their turns back over
the area being gridded.

In almost all cases, people reporting descending vertical
curtains of spray have become violently ill within 48 hours.
Formerly healthy patients suffering sudden acute respiratory
illness - including bronchitis, repeated pneumonia and
first-time asthma attacks - have been filling hospital
emergency rooms to overflowing in the USA, Great Britain and
the former Soviet Union since last January. According to
doctors, hospitals and labs, these epidemics are not the flu.

Positive links between these severe illnesses the aerial
spraying have inadvertently been provided by people who have
gathered or tested samples of gel-like material falling from
the chemtrails - and immediately become ill, even hospitalized
by pathogens in the samples capable of causing their
upper-respiratory symptoms.

My co-researcher, American journalist Erminia Cassani, became
extremely ill recently after handling a year-old gel sample
later found to be swarming with bacteria and toxic molds. The
"black mold" found by doctors on Cassani's left lung matches
the "black Niger mold" found in that Pennsylvania sample.

Despite these risks, our joint-investigation has just
completed the first scientific lab analysis of two
fully-documented goo samples taken from uncontaminated
aluminum-sided structures in the USA one year and more than a
thousand miles apart.

The biologist at the EPA-licensed lab now wants to know where
we got this "biohazard material". Normally taking three or
four days to grow in a Petri dish, our first bacteria-laden
sample "flowered" less than 48 hours into the culture mix. The
biologist said the lab staff had never seen anything grow this
quickly - "It was all over the plate".

Among other nasty pathogens - and an exotic fluorescent
"marker" derived from a distant ocean reef - three bacteria
were found in this first gel sample dropped on the approach
path to an airport used for military flight activities:

1. Pseudomonas fluorescens causes bad blood infections in humans.
Often genetically modified by researchers, this petroleum-loving
organism is named in 161 Pentagon patents for biowarfare and
bioremediation - and airborne "aerosol" inoculations.

2. The presence of streptomyces fungus in our first sample is very
unusual. Unlike the Flourescens, this toxic fungus is almost
nonexistent in outdoor samples.

3. A third bacillus contained a restriction enzyme used by clinical
research labs to transfer parts of DNA from one cell to another.

Sample #2 obtained one year ago and tested several weeks ago
by the same licensed lab was found to be teeming with this
same bacillus and streptomyces. It also contained several
extremely toxic molds.

Meningitis outbreaks are currently being reported in
California, North Carolina, Florida and many other states
across the USA. The Psuedomonas Aeruginosa found in some
chemtrail test samples causes meningitis. Another organism
found in our airborne goo sample causes pneumonia.

Typical comments from observers across the USA:

· This was like nothing I have ever seen before. The contrails are
different from "normal" everyday passenger aircraft contrails.

· I cannot recall ever seeing contrails remain so long after the
aircraft passed by!

· I've lived here for 26 years never seeing this number of contrails
at once.

· Many times I have seen the day start out with clear skies and look
cloudy by mid-afternoon.

· They were X'ing, probably 50, 100 of them, as far as I could see.

· I just happened to glance up to the sky and there they were: a
gigantic X directly overhead and multiple X's in the sky. I almost
crapped my pants. They covered the whole sky!

· They look like they're playing tic-tac-toe up there. You know darn
well it's not passenger planes.

· We're getting sprayed real heavily with the contrails. It's just
total saturation.

· As I stood there, one of the planes passed directly over my home.
This time I could see something coming out of the plane!

· Cobweb-like strands falling from the sky.

· People are getting sick.

· Boy am I sick!

· All the hospitals were full and no one can seem to shake it

· Antibiotics do not help!!

· I have never been so sick in my life.

· What on earth is going on?

· What do we do now????

* * *

Biowarfare experimentation on the American public has been
taking place for the past 50 years. United States Code TITLE
BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAM Sec. 1520 states that the
Secretary of Defense may not conduct any test or experiment
involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a
civilian population...except for research.

This law also requires that all test subjects must give their
"informed consent". Ask the more than 460,000 American GIs
forced to take PB in the Gulf if they gave their consent after
not being told that this nerve agent actually amplifies the
effects of the sarin nerve agent raining over them. Ask them
if they had a choice to refuse mycoplasma-contaminated anthrax

Two US Senate investigations in 1977 and 1994 document decades
of "Open Air" biowarfare testing over the American and
Canadian public. Similar germ warfare experiments on more than
one-million British citizens were also conducted using a Royal
Navy warship and Canberra jet bomber converted with spray
tanks to deliver E. Coli, enterobacteria and other pathogens
to an unsuspecting public.

A few examples among hundreds of US cities hit: In 1950, the
U.S. Navy sprayed a cloud of Serratia marcescens bacteria over
San Francisco. Monitoring devices tested the extent of
infection as many residents become ill with pneumonia-like

In 1966 the U.S. Army dispensed Bacillus subtilis variant
Niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a
million New Yorkers were exposed. Minneapolis was hit again in

Please note that normal aircraft contrails do not drape
cobweb-like "angel hair" over porches, powerlines and police
cruisers. Nor do normal contrails spatter clear or brown
Jello-like "goop" over houses and car windshields that require
high-pressure spray to remove.

My hunch is that aircraft spray nozzles sometimes malfunction
or are set incorrectly, resulting in occasional "oops" of goop
and "angel hair" - a sample of which I have just obtained from
the wing of a US-registered lightplane photographing the

Among many other locales, this hard-to-remove goop fell in
London after "X"es were observed over London and Birmingham
last December. The BBC subsequently reported that 8,100 people
- mostly the elderly - died from sudden, severe upper
respiratory ailments during the last week of December and the
first two weeks of January, 1999. Refrigerated semi-trailers
were used to haul the corpses away. (BBC photos.)

Meanwhile, in Oakville, Washington (population 665),
extensively televised sky-goop covered a 20 square mile area
on at least three occasions within a six-week period in the
fall of 1994. Washington State Dept. Public Health
microbiologist Michael McDowell found the bacteria Pseudonmona
Flourescens and an Enterobacteria in a sample scraped from a
porch whose resident was hospitalized with severe coughing,
weakness and vertigo.

Another goo sample taken in Fairfield, California on
Thanksgiving of that year was found to contain Pseudomonas
Aeruginosa. An opportunistic pathogen that can infect the
respiratory tract, resulting in a thick mucous, this
particular pseudomonas is associated with pneumonia, Staph and
bronchitis. Its primary focus of infection is the lungs. PA
can lead to ear infections, muscle and joint pain, upper
respiratory problems, gastrointestinal symptoms, eye
infections and meningitis - the exact symptoms being reported
by eye-witnesses to the spraying.

Supposedly banned as a biowarfare simulant, Serratia
marscesens was found in a sample of sky-gel that fell in Idaho
in March, 1999.

Meanwhile, toll-free "flu"-tracking numbers across the USA
have been asking people to come forward for tests and
treatment - if they qualify with specific symptoms incurred
within a specific time period within a specific radius of
exposure. What does this sound like to you?

Extreme, even record-setting weather events such as violent
windstorms, winter tornadoes, desert snowfalls and 50-degree
temperature oscillations have also followed prolonged

After this disturbing litany, you will be relieved to learn
that the Federal Aviation Administration has finally come up
with an answer to explain all this unusual aerial activity.
After his girlfriend became sick three times in the last month
and a half, and he started his own "second go-round" with
serious illness, a resident of Lansing, Michigan called the
Capital City airport last week and demanded an explanation.

Don't worry, the FAA told him. All those planes are part of
"delayed Christmas traffic."

Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter.

Sincerely, William Thomas


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